In today’s ever-changing world whisky is no stranger to this, once dominated by the Scotish whisky’s it is now a global experience with many countries producing outstanding products.

The World Whiskies Awards 2017 were announced on Thursday 30th March at an awards ceremony held in London. Presented by Whisky Magazine, the highest honour, the World’s Best Single Malt Whisky was awarded to Craigellachie 31 Years Old.

Here are the award winners for 2017.

  • World’s Best Whisky Design: Highland Park King Christian I
  • World’s Best Bourbon: John J Bowman Single Barrel Bourbon
  • World’s Best Canadian Blended: Gooderham & Worts Four Grain
  • World’s Best Corn Whisky: Ironroot Hubris Corn Whiskey
  • World’s Best Grain Whisky: The Fuji-Gotemba Distillery Single Grain 25 YO Small Batch
  • World’s Best Rye Whisky: AD Laws Secale Straight Rye Bottled in Bond
  • World’s Best Single Pot Still Whisky: Redbreast 21 Years Old
  • World’s Best Wheat Whisky: Bainbridge Battle Point
  • World’s Best Blended Malt Whisky: Johnnie Walker Green Label
  • World’s Best Blended Limited Release: JP Wiser’s Dissertation
  • World’s Best Blended Whisky: Suntory Hibiki 21 Years Old
  • World’s Best Single Cask Single Malt: Venture Chichibu Whisky Matsuri 2017
  • World’s Best Single Malt: Craigellachie 31 Years Old

What a great challenge to try all these wonderful whiskies. For more information on Whisky click here


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