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With the rise of all the cooking shows on TV home cooking is slowly making a comeback.  Jane and I have started cooking more fresh and lighter meals at home to help me lose weight as well as getting back into healthy habits. I don’t profess to be a nutritional expert other than I look good food. My story is simple well overweight and feeling the best since we have started cooking healthy fresh meals and me not taking the Easy-Take-Away out the approach I have changed a lot of habits.

As the heading suggest cooking at home can be fun for everyone and especially now with companies Hello Fresh and Youfoodz offering service with fresh food or fresh pre-cooked meals, we should be taking these alternatives.

Next week we will be trying out Hello Fresh, with the two people three meal offer @ $79.00 delivered. The box according to their site will contain all we need to make the following three meals.


The meals will be

  1. Fennel & Orange Chicken with Garlic & Rosemary Potatoe
  2. Beef Ciabatta Burger with Caramelised Onion
  3. Cheese Fritters with Dill & Parsley Mayo

The delivery will include the recipe cards as well


We will give a full review and I will do a video on Monday of the opening of the box

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