The Future of Smartcards is Nearly Upon Us


The future of Smartcards looks very promising especially now that the universe has gone digital. Although credit cards have been in use for a decade now, some gaps exist in their day to day application, and these are the gaps Smartcard developers are capitalising on. There are several potential benefits of using smart cards in both the private and public sectors, hence the reason why many big companies have started investing in the technology. Smart cards offer improved security, convenience, and several economic benefits which are not comparable to what the conventional magnetic stripe cards offer. Therefore, people who are constantly on vacation and those who make frequent transactions will be able to do it in a more secure and reliable way.

Additionally, most people hate the idea of completing unnecessary paperwork since it takes some time to do so, but applying for a smart card is as simple as opening a link on your personal device. A day will come when everything will be paid for using smart cards due to their improved convenience and ability to reduce fraud. As a business owner, you’ll no longer worry about giving your customers extra change since all transactions will be made via smart cards. Every payment that you make will be loaded through the smart card and with that one card; you’ll have access to diverse networks and applications. In Europe, smart cards are already under implementation in the provision of public services such as health, education, transportation, welfare, entitlement documents, and telecommunication. For instance, in France residents are given Health cards which serve multiple health functions. Thus doctors have an easy time treating a patient.

If by any chance you lose your smart card or it’s stolen from you by a pickpocket, you don’t have to worry about your accounts being drained of your money or worse still, the information stored in the card being accessed. Thanks to the technological advancements being made on smart cards, you can wipe the card using an app on your device the moment you realise you’ve lost it. In the private sector, using smart cards lowers the handling cost, transaction costs and the expenses incurred in maintaining banking system infrastructure. Currently, the card is being used in Western Europe and Asia which leaves room for potential advancement in electronic commerce, banking, and e-commerce. Lastly, in this technological world, the early adopters of ultra-smart cards stand to earn reward points and commissions for using their cards and sharing information about the cards.

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