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It goes without saying that people love to take photos, especially with phone cameras today and the accessibility of DLSR and Mirrorless cameras. So where do lifestyle and Living fit in with all of this? Well, I have been a professional photographer for 15 years and wish to share the knowledge I have gained in the fields portrait, sports and travel photography. I have put together a simple course to get you off and running on how to use your camera. We will also be running workshops on portrait travels and sports photography for non-professionals.

The course includes the following topics and is completed with a and afternoon shoot, but we will have more on that shortly.

  • The Photographers toolkit
  • Understanding Exposure
  • Choosing Camera Settings
  • On hands shoot
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One of my frustrations as a professional was not that shooting side but the business side of photography. We have all done as pros spend our money going to see the “rock stars” show us how they shoot and very few the business side of things, so what I am doing is putting together a series of videos that will help you speed up your work process so you are on top of your business all the time, whether shooting or making appointments to grow and make money in your business.

Some of the topics we will be covering are:

  • How to drive business from social media. We already have twitter training in place.
  • CRM’s which is best for you
  • Design software – not photoshop or lightroom
  • Album companies
  • Online Sales
  • Lab’s what makes a great one

So feel free to sign up to our blog so we can keep everyone informed of when were and what is happening

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Peter George
Peter George

Peter has a passion for photography, travel and food and shares this with others. He has won many awards for his photography. he has worked within the travel industry and has an extensive knowledge to assist others.

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