Well, it has taken some time but we have finally got there with lifestyle and living. We are focused on bringing you information on Lifestyle and Living, we will be focusing a fair bit on health and happiness so stay tuned to see what we come up with.

You will see throughout our blogs ads these are there for a reason as they associate with our goals to provide the best possible products and services as part of LSAL. We will be travelling eating shopping and be having fun and sharing all our memories with you.

If you would like us to search something out for your please ask and we will see what we can do.

With the health side of things, I will be focusing a fair bit on the skin as I suffer from eczema quite badly and have tried and tested most things and wish to help people as I know everyone has a solution when there really isn’t it is trial and error.

Below is a video I did to help people with problems of feeling fearful with our education site George Media when my eczema wasn’t that great last week, so all the info is from a sufferer so I hope this helps.


I have been in the liquor industry for quite some time and as a wine specialist I will be doing wine reviews as well tips and tricks and some great cocktails to have a well

So welcome to our journey and we hope you will be a part of it

Peter and Jane 

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Peter George
Peter George

Peter has a passion for photography, travel and food and shares this with others. He has won many awards for his photography. he has worked within the travel industry and has an extensive knowledge to assist others.

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