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From the latest wines and beers to the trips we all love to take we will share our thoughts and help you make choices that we have enjoyed and hope that you do as well. We love to go out and about and we will share all that we do and see. Local places in Queensland, to the joys of interstate and learning new cultures overseas.

What Are Cleanskins

What are Cleanskins? Over the years cleanskins have come a long way since there introduction by winemakers in the early 2000s. At Lifestyle and Living, we are breaking down the myths that cleanskins are a cheap nasty wine and that you may crack a good one now and then. Cleanskins are away a winemaker can clear out overstock of a particular grape variety quickly and at times a lot cheaper than the branded wine. On some occasions, wines are made…

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Travel Comparison Australia v Bali

  Travel Comparison – Australia v Bali       Travel Comparison – I totally get the push for travel in Australia as a small business and remote locations, as well as major and minor cities, struggle with tourism this year 2019-2020 summer season.  In short, the reality is so are most Australians, bills continuing to rise, fuel is a guessing game and wages haven’t moved that much in a long time.  It’s great to see that tourism Australia, media…

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